Rashaan Salaam, a star football player at the University of Colorado and former Chicago Bears running back, won the Heisman Trophy in 1994.


The exhibition, dubbed “Taking the Stage,” will include the cover from his 1964 album “I Started Out as a Child” and an “I, Spy” comic book.

The Denver District Attorney declined to charge the police officers involved in the death of a mentally ill man named Michael Lee Marshall, prompting the family to call for a federal investigation on Friday, KDVR reports.  The incident occurred in November 2015 when Marshall–a reported homeless paranoid schizophrenic–was arrested for trespassing. While in custody at the station, police claim […]

The victims of the Planned Parenthood shooting were identified as an Iraq War veteran, a mother of two from Hawaii and a police officer.

According to the stats by the Department of Revenue on Colorado.gov, the excise tax is 15% on retail marijuana and reportedly goes towards their public schools, including their construction fees. With this report it looks like the excise taxes being put on herb in Colorado are serving as quite a benefit to state’s schools, at […]

(HOUSTON) — A Houston dad is charged with murder for allegedly drowning his son in a bathtub. According to the court documents, truck driver Enrique Alberto…

According to The Huffington Post, The first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado on New Year’s Day yesterday (January 1st) brought long lines at the 24 shops that were open, most of them in Denver. And after waiting on those lines, buyers were paying high prices, however AP reported that it’s too soon […]


According to CNN.com:  Authorities believe at least two people have been injured in a shooting Friday at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, Sheriff Grayson Robinson told CNN affiliate KMGH. The shooter is still believed to be inside the school, Robinson said. Dozens of children could be seen walking away from the school, with their hands […]

What’s in the water up there in Colorado?!  Another traegdy hits the town of Aurora, CO.  Get the whole story here.

Do you know someone that’s “on vacation”?  I’m sure you’ve heard complaints about the cost of phone calls.  Would you believe a typical 15 minute state-to-state call tops $16 in some areas?  CNNMoney explains the reason and what the FCC is doing about it?  Read more:


Only two weeks after the “Dark Knight” Massacre in Aurora, Colorado where 12 people lost their lives, another tragic event hit southern Wisconsin on Sunday, August 5th, 2012 where alleged gunman Wade Michael Page killed six people and wounded four at a Sikh temple. According to Southern Poverty Law Center, Page has ties to a […]


James Holmes has been charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder– two counts for each of the 12 people who perished in the shooting. The former doctoral student also was charged with 116 counts of attempted murder,  two for each of the 58 moviegoers injured in the attack. Read more here.