American Girl has emerged as one of the top businesses of its sort, selling millions of its beloved dolls and books aimed at young girls since debuting in 1986. This summer the company will reveal its latest doll, a girl from the civil rights era named Melody Ellison, as reported by CBS News. The network […]

A Nigerian Father creates a line of African dolls called Queens Of Africa that are now more popular than Barbie amongst young African girls. Toafick Okoya, 43, created the dolls out of frustration and a little heart break after his daughter confessed to him that she wanted to be white much like the dolls that […]

This is a great story from Black and Married with Kids. As she shopped with her two daughters, Karen Byrd noted that while there are more black dolls out on the market, they still lacked the diversity she was missing from her childhood toys. The California mom set out on a mission to create dolls that […]

Natural hair Barbie dolls are officially a thing! California mom, Karen Byrd grew weary of seeing all types of Barbie dolls on the market with…


Like many frustrated parents trying to find dolls that look like their daughters, one couple took matters into their own hands. Click here to READ MORE.


First they were taken off the shelves and now Ebay wants nothing to do with them.  The action dolls based on the film ‘D’jango Unchained’ has now been banned by Ebay.  Get the scoop here.

*In the wake of President Obama announcing the killing of Osama bin Laden, Herobuilders, a Connecticut based doll maker, is releasing an action figure portraying the commander-in-chief as a modern-day Rambo known as “Rambama.”