Many high fashion magazines have come under fire for not featuring enough women of color on their covers, but Vogue is finally deciding to embrace some diversity.…

VIA Parade.Com His Life, legacy, service and work of 85 years lives on thank you Dr. King.

“The Drum Major Instinct” – Excerpt From His Famous Speech

“The Drum Major’s Instinct” Escerpt From His Famous Speech.


Via: The Root.Com Three days after Dr. Kings death guess who ordered a National Day of Mourning and Postponed The 40th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony? Find these answers and more 45 years later by click the link below. Click Here


 Via: Religion News.Com Find out what her husband’s death, this Inauguration and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all have in common right here.

Via: MLKDAY.ORG What a great way to remember the life and legacy of Dr. King by serving others find out how right here.