According to reports, The U.S. imposed a sweeping set of punishments, including sanctions, against Russia on Thursday (December 29th) that target the country’s spy agencies and diplomats in response to its interference in the presidential election. The Obama administration acted after U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia hacked emails of Democratic Party officials and Hillary Clinton campaign […]

The FBI is set to re-launch its investigation after a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails were unearthed on Friday.

Members of the University of Chicago's Alpha Epsilon Pi, a historically Jewish fraternity, have been accused of sending racist emails, according to a report on BuzzFeed.


The emails show that the mayor's staff was “scrambling” on how to deal with and react to the shooting, especially when the media and community activists began ringing the alarm.

Al Roker's Weather Channel show was canceled after he and company president got into a dispute over email about Hurricane Katrina coverage

Hillary Clinton may now be in more hot water over her email controversy. The Justice Department just received a referral to open a criminal investigation into…

Have you ever accidentally sent the wrong person an email? It can be a pretty embarrassing experience.  Well, now Gmail will help you out if you realize your mistake quickly enough.  According to Mashable, They’re doing this with a new feature called Undo Send, which works by delaying your email for a few seconds after […]

In the latest batch of leaked Sony emails it was revealed that last year, Mathew Knowles was trying to shop a Destiny’s Child biopic to Sony. Daddy Matty reached out and offered the studio first dibs on the film and although the exes seemed into the idea, a deal never came through. Would you watch […]

According to a new study on couples, technology has become a key actor in the life of many American adults who are married or in…

My wife and I have been separated for a few months now. We got married in 2010, but every since then she wants to flirt with other guys by telling them she love them, sending nude photos, emails, Skype, texting, Facebook and etc. I have been asking her for 11 months to stop, but I […]

Alaska state officials released about 24,000 pages of e-mail from former Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration Friday in response to requests from reporters dating back to her 2008 entry into the national spotlight. The release follows Freedom of Information Act requests filed by CNN and five other news agencies made shortly after Palin was tapped to […]

Google collected e-mails, passwords, and URLs while the company was snapping images for its Street View service, it admitted in a blog post today. “In some instances, entire e-mails and URLs were captured, as well as passwords,” Google’s senior vice president of engineering and research, Alan Eustace, wrote in a blog post today. However, Eustace […]