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Source: Rommel Canlas / Getty

Have you ever accidentally sent the wrong person an email? It can be a pretty embarrassing experience.  Well, now Gmail will help you out if you realize your mistake quickly enough.  According to Mashable,

They’re doing this with a new feature called Undo Send, which works by delaying your email for a few seconds after you click Send, so you can take it back if you made some sort of mistake. After testing the feature for six years in public beta, Google announced in a blog post this week that Undo Send is becoming an official setting for all Gmail users. For users those who already were using the beta of Undo Send, the feature will remain on, while everybody else can turn it on via the General tab under Settings. The feature will let users choose if they want to hold their mail for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Unfortunately, Undo Send is not currently available on mobile, so you’ll have to stick to the old school way of emailing via your phone.

Racist can rejoice, because they always send out offensive, racist email and say it was a mistake.  LOL