Some sad news for Chelsea Handler fans.  She announced that she is leaving her Netflix talk show Chelsea after two seasons. She shared the news on Twitter, saying it was her decision.  She wrote: Good for her!  We do hope to see her again on TV.

E! is pulling the plug on The Soup after 24 years. Joel McHale’s final episode will air on December 18th. The show premiered as Talk Soup in 1991 with Greg Kinnear as host. John Henson, Hal Sparks, and Aisha Tyler each had short runs hosting the show before Joel took over. The network said in a statement, “We are incredibly proud of the long-running success of The Soup. The […]

Here are some tips on how to stop procrastinating courtesy of Madamenoire.com, Employ the 5 minute rule. If something can be done in 5 minutes do it right then, right now. Rather than waiting to respond to a quick email, respond right then. Rather than waiting until the end of the day to put your shoes […]

“It is very political,” Rhimes said of “Scandal.” “The political landscape on the outside, in the real world, will change — possibly before Scandal is over. But I feel like there is a finite amount of ‘Scandal’ to be told. So I know what the end of ‘Scandal’ will be, and I feel really good […]