Here are some tips on how to stop procrastinating courtesy of,

Employ the 5 minute rule. If something can be done in 5 minutes do it right then, right now. Rather than waiting to respond to a quick email, respond right then. Rather than waiting until the end of the day to put your shoes away or the dishes, put them away now.

Make a list of what’s unfinished. Make a list of what you have that’s undone. Projects, goals, pictures not hung up, etc. Then start working through the list one by one. Set a goal for yourself that in 30 days you will finish everything on the list.

Give yourself deadlines. “I’ll finish this someday” is the fastest way not to finish something. If you have a business plan to start, an article to write, or any task to complete, give yourself a deadline. Make it feasible and ambitious. For example, don’t give yourself a 2 hour deadline to write a business plan but you also don’t need 90 days either. Make sure your deadline doesn’t allow you to stress or procrastinate more. REWARD yourself when you are all done.

Use some tools. Block the web sites or set a timer. The Self Control or Freedom app online will help you set a limit for how long you can be on certain web sites. You can also block them completely from your computer. Friends can also be great tools. Tell friends some of your goals and have them hold you accountable!

Be gentle with yourself. This is new. Starting projects AND finishing them is a new journey for you. Be gentle with yourself. Take it one step at a time and forgive yourself if you procrastinate again. Just be sure that you are procrastinating less and less every day and soon you’ll be free from this terrible habit!

These are some great tips!  Take heed.