Not so fast! Meghan Markle is not the first Black woman to marry into the royal family. In fact, England at one time had a Black queen by the name of Queen Sophia Charlotte. Yes, a Black Queen. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Stephanie E. Myers author of the book The Invisible Queen. “Well, it’s just amazing how […]

At what age are we no longer young? The depressing answer is 35, according to the BBC,  A study from the University of Kent in England says, moreover, 35 is the age when men reach “peak loneliness” and women hit “peak boring,” according to a separate poll. A new report by BBC News suggests that […]

Wedding planner Mindy Weiss has revealed that Ciara and Russell Wilson called off their wedding twice before tying the knot at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. Weiss told E!, “I did the whole thing — three time. They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom […]

At only ten-years-old, Esther Okade has begun taking college courses to her Open University undergraduate Math degree. She was accepted as a student after acing an exam and winning…


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