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Not so fast! Meghan Markle is not the first Black woman to marry into the royal family. In fact, England at one time had a Black queen by the name of Queen Sophia Charlotte. Yes, a Black Queen. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Stephanie E. Myers author of the book The Invisible Queen.

“Well, it’s just amazing how history can really be covered up,” explained Myers. “When you look at her hair you can tell instantly that Charlotte was one of us.”

“Queen Charlotte was born as just a young women in Germany,” with nobility said, Myers. Back in the day, King George of England was known as a “wild child” so his mother set out through Europe to find a suitable wife and found Charlotte.

“Went to school in England and learned how to speak four languages…We’re talking about the late 1700’s when most girls didn’t go to school,” explained Myers.

With a love for music, Queen Charlotte is the one who discovered the famous composer Mozart. “She discovered Mozart when he was 8 years old. The Queen heard him perform and said, ‘wow this little kid is good’ and supported him,” said Mozart.

Her work in philanthropy was especially noted as she, “supported a school for orphaned girls,” expressed Myers.

Unfortunately, England doesn’t seem to recognize it.”They just ignore it. It’s really amazing. Her records are there her portraits are there,” expressed Myers. “They just don’t acknowledge.”

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