I just knew my addiction had some hidden benefits.  Okay, so maybe I didn’t, but now I have proof.  So, pour yourself another cup-of-joe and click here for blackdoctor.org and the 5 Reasons Your Coffee Habit Is Good For You.

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Here are 5 signs that you’re in the right relationship, courtesy of Madamenoire, YOU WANT TO BETTER EACH OTHER Though we all have things we could improve upon, the right relationship shouldn’t be one that makes you immediately think about all the things you need to change. Instead, a good relationship is one that involves […]

From Black and Married with Kids, The new year is just around the corner and you have the power to make it your best year ever. Are you willing to make the sacrifices? Are you willing to put in the hard work to see your financial dreams come true? If so, these money tips are […]

This story from The Huffington Post suggest that you probably did 5 thing wrong before 9 a.m.  The article reads, in part, You roll over and slam your fist down viciously on the snooze button, twice, three times, until you finally peel open one eyelid to see that it is 21 minutes after you meant […]

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1) Hemorrhoid cream for reducing under-eye circles. Hemorrhoid creams soothe and shrink delicate rectal tissues by constricting blood vessels. Put a little under your eyes, and some dermatologists say it’ll work the same way, de-puffing eye bags and getting rid of dark circles around the thin skin of your under-eye area. That said, this is a […]