Log on to any social media site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and you will see post after touting someone “Living My Best Life.” Do you know what that means? Since the phrase has become a meme, it has lost a lot of its meaning. However, the implication is clear. You are making great efforts to live […]


Sherri Shepherd has been trying to maintain positive energy, even with two ex-husbands who she still pays child support to. Although she has a lot on her plate, Shepherd isn’t complaining. She insists on being satisfied with her current position in life, raising her son, Jeffery, and working is her only priority. Shepherd has kept busy with her […]


TMZ has reported that the family and friends of Stevie J and Faith Evans were blindsided by their recent nuptial. Family sources reportedly said that the couple didn’t inform them that marriage was on their radar. Faith was in L.A. preparing for a trip to London, while Stevie was in Atlanta for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The source added that […]

Tamar Braxton and her estranged husband Vincent Herbert are opening up about their marriage. He said, Absolutely not. There’s not and all the other allegations are just not true. Vince added, I will never stop trying to fight for my family and make it be great. Tamar also says that her ‘so called’ friends are the ones that […]

To be happiest you’ll want to get choosy about who you spend your time with.  According to Daily Mail , Northwestern University researchers found that choosing the right friends causes our brainwaves to sync with theirs. That means you’ll start picking up the desirable behaviors and perspectives of those closest to you without being conscious […]

Is age just a number when it comes to relationships? Seth Meyers, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Overcome Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve says, “While there are always exceptions to rules, a good rule to remember is that dating someone more than ten years older will present challenges now or later that […]

Natalie Cole was really a sweet woman. Not only did she remember her family members in her will, but also her close friends in. TMZ obtained a copy of Natalie’s will, which lists $1.3 million in assets. Natalie also created a trust with an undisclosed amount of money and assets. She listed several beneficiaries in […]

While social situations and get-togethers often involve food and drinks, your friendships might be adding pounds! You can’t out-run your diet. Here are 18 things to do with friends that will pack in the quality time and keep off the pounds!

Don't let your friends' advice talk you out of your relationship.

Have you found yourself spending more lone time lately? If so, you may want to invite a friend out to coffee or a movie or…