Most of us have our core friendship groups that are what we consider “day 1’s” or whatever cute nickname your clique has. But, as you grow older things change. As you continue to grow in life circumstances and interests will change and you might find yourself looking to expand your friendship circle. However, making new […]

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What's best for you in your situation? Here are some things you may need to consider.

While social situations and get-togethers often involve food and drinks, your friendships might be adding pounds! You can’t out-run your diet. Here are 18 things to do with friends that will pack in the quality time and keep off the pounds!

Should I be friends with my ex? It’s one of the golden questions of relationships or perhaps rather, post-relationships. It makes people shift in their…

The first tip this article suggest is to “View Them Like  You Would A Brother or Sister”  I agree with this I even go step further and  call them my brother or sister. Click here to see the other tips

Dear other woman, Stop being trifling. Signed, Womanhood (well, minus all polygamists) This Valentine’s Day some woman will again feel like “shyt people feel on…

I am the proud ambassador for the single woman who has been thuggin’ it in the dating world for a minute with no serious prospects for matrimony. A former serial lover, I had to have a man up under my arm to stress over at girls night out. Can you believe that? Addicted to making […]

(from When the spirit of spring takes hold, we find ourselves wanting to clear the clutter from every area of our lives.