According to, Kevin Hart will star opposite Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone in an upcoming film, Grudge Match. Hart was cast as a fight promoter who gets DeNiro and Stallone together to fight one last match.

As ever, Samuel L. Jackson stays true to himself, even when it comes to narrating Public Service Announcements. Check out this PSA as Samuel L. Jackson encourages you to vote, as only he can. *Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed by Samuel L. Jackson are not associated with Radio One Inc. and its affilates/subsidiaries.

Need an excuse to get out of a bad date? Comedian Lavelle Crawford has three 3 tips that are guaranteed to work! Listen to them here.

When we asked comedian Corey Holcomb for his top 10 Things Not to Do When Dating, we expected it to be good. Holcomb has made his career talking about the crazy things men and women will and won’t do for love. He’s so much into relationship advice that he calls himself the “ghetto Dr. Phil.” Here […]

Actor/comedian Corey Holcomb hopped inside the TJMS to talk with Skip Murphy and crew this morning  while he’s on tour at the Addison Improv (Texas) to give his wacky relationship advice on the ‘Top 10 ‘Things NOT To Do When Dating’.  That’s the only reason why he came to the show and we enjoyed every […]

On the TJMS this morning comedian/actor John Witherspoon stopped by to joke around with the Fly Jock and crew. Father’s Day is coming up and since John is definitely a father they asked him what will his kids get him and he outright told them he’s never got anything good for Father’s Day and the crew cracked up. He […]

He may not be Santa Claus, but Arnez J. is coming to your town. The versatile comedian was once a flight attendant, a Harlem Globetrotter and a pro baseball recruit.

So, you’ve missed comic Lavelle Crawford on your screen or stage? Fret not: He’s about to be on both – in a big way.