George Washington

Oney “Ona” Judge, also known as Oney Judge Staines, gained fame as an escaped slave who avoided the search efforts of President George Washington. Much of Judge’s story became known shortly before her death via a pair of interviews and was a valuable resource to abolitionists. Born in 1773 at Virginia’s Mount Vernon estate to […]

San Francisco school board president set off a firestorm on social media for his proposal to rename George Washington H.S. He said no school should be named for slave holders.

The announcement comes after Scholastic attempted to defend "A Birthday Cake For George Washington."

Ramin Ganeshram, a former journalist for The New York Times and Forbes, penned the book. Backlash ensued over the depiction that slaves were thrilled to be held against their will.

Meet the one of the newest members of MENSA, a group of selected people from around the world who are the top 2% (actually she’s in the top 1%) of the population when it comes to intelligence. She has an IQ of 145 at the age of 4, let me put that in perspective for […]

The little-told story of pioneering African-American George Washington (pictured) and his founding of the city of Centerville (now called Centralia) in Washington state is fascinating.…