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Meet the one of the newest members of MENSA, a group of selected people from around the world who are the top 2% (actually she’s in the top 1%) of the population when it comes to intelligence. She has an IQ of 145 at the age of 4, let me put that in perspective for you….she’s smarter than me, you, her parents, and could hang mentally at the age of four with the likes some of the greatest leaders known to man kind. She knows every state and capital, learned her alphabet by the time she was 4 months old, masters numbers in English and Spanish and those are just a few of her talents! Oh and shes from right up the street, NAWLINS…oops I mean  New Orleans.

Check out how her IQ compares to Abraham Lincoln,  Issac Newton and a few other great minds:

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We definitely have to keep an eye on this young lady, She could change the world before she learns how to ride a bike without training wheels!