The ConnectHome Program will reach 275,000 poor families and almost 200,000 children.

Also, Greece comes to an agreement with creditors on its national debt and Scott Walker makes a big announcement.

Greece may be miles away but its economic problems have a bigger impact on your financial future than you may realize.

Also, the director of the FBI is still deciding on whether to classify the Emmanuel shooting as terrorism and China's stock prices reaped their biggest gains in six years.

Also in today's round-up, the US nears the end in nuclear deal talks with Iran and Team USA beats Japan in the World Cup.

Also in today's round-up, Greece accepts a bailout plan with creditors after missing the IMF deadline and Donna Karen steps down from DKI.

Also in today's roundup, Chris Christie announces his bid for president and Greece fails to pay its IMF debt by deadline.

Also, the Supreme Court is making more groundbreaking rulings before their fall session and the second escaped convict has finally been caught.