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Greece Facing Uncertain Future After Rejecting EU Proposals

Source: Christopher Furlong / Getty

Morning gorgeous! I hope your Independence Day weekend was as awesome as mine was. Here’s today’s top stories to get you started for the day.

Greece Votes ‘No’ On Bailout Referendum, Loses Finance Minister Amid Economic Conflict

It’s back to the drawing board on fixing Greece’s financial crisis. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been victorious in the issue so far by urging the public to vote “no” on the referendum but now all eyes are on him to see if he can find a way to pull Greece out of its financial ruin or if will simply worsen Greece’s economic problems. Meanwhile, Greece is close to leaving the Eurozone and in the midst of the economic chaos, the country’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has unexpectedly stepped down—a political move that may have been orchestrated to show Greece’s willingness to add new players into the negotiations with creditors as they reach a solution. Read more at the New York Times.

48 Hours Until The US Concludes Its Nuclear Deal With Iran

“This negotiation could go either way,” are the words of US Secretary, John Kerry in reference to current talks in Vienna between the US and Iran on reaching a nuclear deal. Iran is claiming they’ll use nuclear energy from the deal to build resources like electricity, but talks have been held up because outsiders are concerned that Iran will use nuclear energy to build weapons. Read more at the Guardian.

USA Stays #Winning, Beats Japan in World Cup Final

This was quite the Independence Day weekend for Team USA. The women’s soccer team just beat the land of the rising sun 5-2 in Vancouver yesterday. Read more at NBC News.

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