Cain had been hospitalized since July 1 after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.


Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. After the announcement, Twitter made sure to point out he had been spotted at Donald Trump's Tulsa rally with no mask on.

Does Trump have an opportunity to attract voters of color by selecting a running mate of color or a woman? Here are five potential running mates and one wild card

Black Republicans Mia Love, Tim Scott, and Will Hurd won their respective races on election day. Will the GOP strategically strategize these politicians to appeal to other African American voters and bring more minorities to their party? Once they take office, will Scott, Love and Hurd vote for or against key African American interests? By, […]


Tim Duncan has got some real drama.  The NBA star is already going through a sticky divorce and now there are rumors that he’s bisexual. …

The book really gets into details Read Nore

If you thought you’d seen the last of Herman Cain, think again. The one-time Republican presidential candidate will be debuting his online TV network, “Cain TV,” this July 4th, according to the Huffington Post. The Morehouse graduate, who is already making moves to host his own radio show, seems to want to take over all […]

The challenge of love is sticking by each other through the thick and thin. But sometimes the “thick” gets damn near impenetrable and walking out…

Controversial former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain (pictured left) is set to host his own news talk radio format replacing “equal opportunity offender,” libertarian political commentator…


Before woman problems put his campaign in a state of suspended animation, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was filmed for an interview with BET, which has turned the footage into a half-hour documentary.

[AUDIO]….Well Houston J. Anthony Brown is back a it again and once again he’s focused on ripping Herman Cain’s heart out….Cain won’t get any Xmas gifts from anyone if this keeps up.

Well the celebrity snitch Huggy Lowdown speaks (and rips) the ‘Skins, Herman Cain and of course Bishop Eddie Long but then again, who isn’t?