This article make you ask what is a non compromise in your relation. When I was on the dating scene I knew the person i married had to be a christian. Click here to read  what 4 Things Single Folks Just Shouldn’t Do

<script name=”bpnext_embed_script” src=”″></script><div style=”height:1px;margin-top:-1px;overflow:hidden;” itemscope=”” itemtype=””><small>Source: <a href=””>Blackandmarriedwithkids&gt;</a&gt; via <a href=””>Robert Washington</a> on BPNEXT</small></div>I love to think back on the days when my wife and I started dating and she still love the same things I did back then now. My wife still loves our favorite date spot “Hermann Park” it was great place for […]

When I would mention this article title to someone the first thing they  say is good question and look up in the air like they are thinking about it kinda like you are doing now. The first thing you should do is ask some honest  questions like am  I truly drama free or do I practice peace […]

Have you notices the women seems to be a christian and is looking straight and the man does not have a cross on his heart and is looking to the side. The question is ask in  Jeremiah 32:47 is there anything too hard for God? Here are some bible scriptures that can help you with this […]