Comedian Dominique jokes with the crew about “The Butler” and how social media has changed the way people communicate and represent themselves on the web.…


Mellody Hobson talks about wills during today’s “Money Mondays” segment. I’ve talked about the importance of getting your affairs in order to assure your wishes…

Off the top some of you might not think that’s not fair but to someone who has bad credit but a good Idea and social following it just might work in there favor. Read More


Roland Martin talks with tech guru Mario Armstrong about why black people are more engaged in social media than their white counterparts. Follow the Tom…

Bobbi Kristina celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday and was sure to include her late mother, the gifted Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina showcased her love for her mommy with her note posted on Instagram, in it she said that it was her prayer that she grow into the woman her mom always knew she would be.Happy […]

A new study has found that African Americans use Twitter and Instagram and purchase smart phones more than any other demographic. According to USA Today, the study — which was done by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, conducted phone interviews with 1,800 respondents. Among black Internet users, 26% use Twitter — in […]

Instagram has this amazing way of making the average person (with above average talents) into a viral sensation. The latest Instagrammer on #TeamBeautiful’s radar is…

Just days after Instagram blocked Twitter users from being able to post Instagram photos on Twitter, the 140 character social network site now features photo filters and editing.  Read more here.

source  cant wait to get theses! Some people are such huge Instagram fans, they probably dream of seeing the whole world through “Kelvin” or “Hudson” filters. Thanks to German designer Markus Gerke’s new concept Instagram sunglasses, that dream of old-school-tinted vision may soon be a reality. Gerke’s Instaglasses would also allow you to actually […]


We have just learned that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced Monday that Instagram has been purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Zuckerberg sent a message out via his facebook wall about the good news: I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be […]

via: (CNN) — Seriously, iPhone fans? Just hours after Instagram, a mobile app that lets users layer pre-programmed filters over their photos to achieve maximum hipness, launched on Google’s Android operating system Tuesday, the snark began. Read More