Black Iowa teens received college scholarships for keeping their promise to graduate high school. The scholarship offer and promise to graduate came a decade ago.

A van carrying Ben Carson's presidential campaign team "hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side," striking another vehicle.

Donald Trump disavowed a group's robocalls that urge voters to vote for Trump because "we don't need Muslims," but understands their anger.

A woman who believed she was 12 weeks pregnant turned out to be six months pregnant when she gave birth to her fourth child in…

Homeowners Shelly Owens (pictured), her fiance, Kevin Durham (pictured), and their children had their Council Bluffs, Iowa, home vandalized and then set ablaze in what… is reporting that Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan is one of the participants in the foreclosure settlement talks.  The talks are expected to produce a mortgage settlement soon.  However, some banks want immunity from criminal prosecution as part of the deal.   Read More:

It’s been called “India-no-place,” “Nap-town” and much worse.  Why did the NFL pick Indianapolis for the Super Bowl?    Let’s be real: This ain’t New Orleans, Miami or Southern California. has the story.  Read More: