The boxer who passed in June 2016 is getting a Showtime mini series about his refusal to participate in the Vietnam draft.

  12/14/16- Roland Martin talks to NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown about his meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump this week. “We had about 45 minutes. The main thing was how to make America a better country but specifically how to deal with the African American community. It was a great meeting for me. I […]


Three weeks after a court demanded that the state of Michigan send bottled water to residents who are still impacted by contaminated water, state officials are still trying to fight that order.

  Football Great Jim Brown has come back to the team he helped lead to its last NFL championship. Jim Brown will return in an unspecified role with the Cleveland Browns, who will formally reunite with the Hall of Famer at a news conference on Wednesday. As Posted by, Read more


Atlanta Hawks center Etan Thomas published his first book, Fatherhood:Rising To The Ultimate Challenge, not only because he wanted to crusade for active fatherhood, but to encourage…

Before Deion Sanders called himself “Primetime,” before T.O. had a reality show, there was Jim Brown. He was a stud on the football field, as a running back from the Cleveland Browns, and on screen as an action hero. He is considered the first black action star thanks to his roles in movies such as […]