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Before Deion Sanders called himself “Primetime,” before T.O. had a reality show, there was Jim Brown. He was a stud on the football field, as a running back from the Cleveland Browns, and on screen as an action hero. He is considered the first black action star thanks to his roles in movies such as “Dirty Dozen” and “Ice Station Zebra.”

His records included:

• Most yards in a single-season (1,863 in 1963)

• Career rushing (12,312 yards)

• All-time leader in rushing touchdowns (106)

• Total touchdowns (126)

• All-purpose yards (15,549)

In this interview, Jim Brown lashes out at today’s black athletes calling them buffoonish with their celebration dances and antics. He says today’s athletes are playing the “yessir boss slaves,” and don’t know the dignity of what it means to be a man.

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