Hoverboards have been barred by the postal service as well as airlines and transit systems for being highly combustable. An Atlanta teen was recently shot over her toy while an Australian family's hoverboard set their home on fire.

I believe Klansman John Abarr (pictured) when he says he’s “evolved” from his White supremacist views, after meeting with members of the NAACP in Casper, Wy.,…


The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:  It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke–or at least a National Enquirer story–but incredibly, over the weekend, representatives from the Wyoming chapters of the NAACP and the Ku Klux Klan forged a new relationship in a heavily guarded hotel. Jimmy Simmons, president of the Casper NAACP, and […]

pic courtesy inflexwetrust.com: This is somthing for the history books  NAACP president, Jimmy Simmons and John Abarr, kleagle from the United Klans of Americ. Read More