One lone juror swore that he couldn't "in good conscience” convict Michael Slager beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury reconvenes on Monday.

Goodson's fellow officers involved say that he is to blame for not ensuring Freddie Gray's safety in the back of the police van.

Closing statements were heard Monday, leading the jury into deliberations to determine the fate of William Porter, one of six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens may have abused his power last week when he stopped a drug trial and dismissed an entire jury panel because it had too few Blacks.

The discovery of racially coded notes taken by prosecutors during jury selection is forcing the Supreme Court to take a second look at this murder trial, The Washington Post reports.


In the midst of his pain Michael Brown Sr. calls for calm as the decision of the Grand Jury looms.  Click here for Video.


Look who showed up for jury duty in Akron, Ohio. Yep, none other than King James himself, LeBron James. But, he was sent home because…


 Tracy Martin’s Face says it all read more right here.


Jerry Sandusky and the child rape case now goes to the jury. Jerry Sandusky faces accusations of sexual abuse involving 10 alleged victims and after a week of testimony, jurors began deliberations. For more on Sandusky’s case, read here! Related Links: Sandusky Jury Investigation Is Still Ongoing Penn State Star Witness Details Sex Scandal Shower Incident […]

Investigators believe that a man that was recently indicted by a San Augustine grand jury, accused of stealing air-conditioning units from churches, is headed to…

Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning in the trial of a former Houston police officer who has been accused of beating a teenage burglary…

A federal jury has convicted a man who stole mail and set up fake identities. Reports indicate that Hassan Ali Pejouhesh was convicted by a…