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The after-shock of releasing a bomb of this magnitude will reverberate further than a physical assessment after the dust settles.

Donald Trump, along with his henchman, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions promised to make his administration a ‘law and order’ administration. In direct response to the non-violent protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was itself organized to respond to police violence against Black civilians, Trump vowed to create a ‘police-friendly’ administration. The three executive orders […]

Former police officer, Kathryn Swilley and attorney Kim Ogg have been speaking out about police retaliation against its own members for several years. They were recently vindicated when the courts agreed that there is a culture of retaliation. Swilley and Ogg will join host, Marcus Davis to discuss how this recent ruling impacts how we as […]

While addressing the International Association of Chiefs of Police during an appearance in Chicago Tuesday, President Barack Obama declared that law enforcement often gets "scapegoated" for failures in society and the criminal justice system.

Plaintiffs are pointing out that officials such as judges, prosecutors and public defenders unfairly benefit from the costs that are placed upon the city's residents.

With a rising tide of tension surging between police officers and the Black community, the #BlackLivesMatter protests and the unfortunate series of events surrounding it…

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St. Louis police officer and president of the Ethical Society of Police, Darren Wilson, spoke with Roland Martin Thursday on “NewsOne Now” about how African American…

  Five-O: Who’s Policing the Police? One of my Facebook friends posted a thought provoking question in light of the Mike Brown tragedy: “Who’s policing the police?” My thoughts reverted back to a picture I once reposted on Instagram after the Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin deaths. The picture was of a cemetery riddled with headstones of […]

Several law enforcement agencies are taking part in the “No Refusal” initiative this weekend, bringing in extra officers and deputies along with judges and nurses to catch impaired drivers. Starting Saturday night at 10 p.m., Precinct 8 will team up with La Porte, Pasadena, Webster and several other police departments for a drunk-driving crackdown. The effort […]