We haven’t heard much out of Chante Moore in a while, but over the weekend a new track from her forthcoming project appeared. And after a listen —  Chante sounds like she’s coming straight for somebody! Both the title “Fight” and some of the lyrics seem to point to Kelly Price as Moore’s intended target. […]

Do you really feel your digital information is secure?  According to Consumerist, MasterCard surveyed recently to find out. They uncovered that 77 percent of respondents admit they’re concerned about their social security number or other financial information being stolen or compromised in some way. And their fear is not without reason– so far this year […]

Jill Scott went on Twitter yesterday to let the hater have it.  She responded to all the hate she was receiving about her semi-nude photo that got leaked by hackers.  Peep what she said below. Tell’em, Jill!!

Chris Brown has been arrested a few times before, but we’ve never seen this mugshot. Yesterday, Breezy’s booking photo sprung a leak online.  According to NecoleBitchie.com, The singer is currently in Washington, D.C. preparing for his court date in a few days, which will follow the trial of his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy.  The bodyguard will […]