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Do you really feel your digital information is secure?  According to Consumerist,

MasterCard surveyed recently to find out. They uncovered that 77 percent of respondents admit they’re concerned about their social security number or other financial information being stolen or compromised in some way. And their fear is not without reason– so far this year there have been 411 known data breaches compromising 118 million records, and last year there were 761 known breaches. Forty eight percent of people say they feel they are personally responsible for preventing their financial information from being stolen or compromised, and 92 percent said they personally take precautions to protect themselves. So with all that fear about financial information being stolen, it’s not too surprising that 55 percent say they’d rather have their nude photos leaked than have their financial information compromised, and that’s a tough call to make.

I think I’d rather have my nude leaked than my financial information too…lol

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