For centuries, chocolate and oysters have been believed to be aphrodisiacs. But according to The Daily Mail, Modern nutritionists can add a few other foods to the list. Salmon, avocado and tomatoes all boost your libido by literally getting your blood flowing and improving your mood, nutritionist Lyndi Cohen told Daily Mail Australia. A glass […]

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dr. Didi Saint Louis spent her formative years traveling due to her father’s job as a Haitian diplomat. Now residing in…

My pastor Byron C Stevenson of the Fort Bend Church Sugarland TX says that when infidelity occurs in a marriage  you have God permission to divorce, but also it could be a chance for God to show his power and love in your marriage by you staying together and working it out. If this have […]

A healthy sex drive enhances your quality of life.  Check out these top 5 super fruits to enhance your sex drive. A healthy sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life. In our pursuit of living balanced lives too often sex is not factored into the equation. We have a tendency […]