Youtuber Clever Girl Finance reveals how she saved 100K in 3 years and reveals how you can to!

“When you LOOK good, you FEEL good and when you feel good you DO GOOD!” – author unknown Today, I wasn’t feeling it. My hair isn’t done up to my regular standards. I didn’t get any of my laundry done over the weekend because I was super busy, so I have NOTHING to wear to […]

KG Smooth shows you can how you can get the look of your favorite male celebrities and athletes. Here he shows you how to get Russell Westbrook’s look for the low.

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Since News 92 FM first told you about the shortage of paramedics within the city of Houston in early February, my inbox has been inundated…

A study has showed that as you age it’s harder for you to remember things because you have much more imputed in your brain. The brain is made up into two hemispheres, with each side specializing in different operations. Brain scans show that while young people often use only one side for a specific task, middle-aged […]

Everyday we pass people maybe lending them only enough time to exchange a quick hello, or how you doin’, but how often do we acknowledge that beyond that people are really going through things and have their own story, trials and rough patches their trying to get through? This  women finds a unique way to […]

Via Newsone: Get a move on improving you!   Check out 21 things that could be holding you back, you’d be surprised at what’s first on the list!   Read more

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston Zoo officials say their newest addition, a month-old giraffe, is being treated for a life-threatening bone infection. The giraffe calf named Yao…

Blogger Heather Hopson shared an interesting post about her recent experience in a foreign city and how her inability to properly operate phones might have ruined her chance at true love. The humorously- introspective  piece is both witty and charming, but don’t take my word for it, check it out here.