What’s the secret to be married 28 years old? Gospel greats David and Tamela Mann share what has kept them together all these years…

Rochelle told the amazing story of how her fiancé, Actor C.J. Lindsey, popped the big question during an exclusive interview with TV One's Jasmine Simpkins.

The relationship I have with my mother is the most contentious, ambivalent relationship I have with anyone I know.

Sometimes we can get so caught up into what he isn’t doing, we miss the small things he does that let us know that he is actually interested in taking things to the next level. Don’t miss the signs or you just may miss out on love. Click here to read 7 signs he is […]

He continues to vehemently say he does want a relationship; comes up with eery excuse in the book to not commit, yet he expects the benefits of having a girlfriend like sex, attention and someone to talk to and spend time with. When he wants to distance himself for whatever reason, he has the freedom […]

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I have heard “I  forgive but I don’t forget” millions of times but is that statement true.  It is hard to forget the hurt someone has done to you so the question comes up how do you really forgive.  Click Here to read Do You Know What Forgiveness Really Is  

There are certain situation that can tell you how serious the relationship is. Watch  how  he introduce you to his family and friends and one of my favorites is do you hang with him during the holidays or do you get a plate from his mama house the next Theses are just my thoughts […]

This article make you ask what is a non compromise in your relation. When I was on the dating scene I knew the person i married had to be a christian. Click here to read  what 4 Things Single Folks Just Shouldn’t Do

<script name=”bpnext_embed_script” src=”″></script><div style=”height:1px;margin-top:-1px;overflow:hidden;” itemscope=”” itemtype=””><small>Source: <a href=””>Blackandmarriedwithkids&gt;</a&gt; via <a href=””>Robert Washington</a> on BPNEXT</small></div>I love to think back on the days when my wife and I started dating and she still love the same things I did back then now. My wife still loves our favorite date spot “Hermann Park” it was great place for […]

You must read this article it covers so many stages of relationships and you and your mate should take the time to ask yourself is that us? Click here to read all 4 stages

When I would mention this article title to someone the first thing they  say is good question and look up in the air like they are thinking about it kinda like you are doing now. The first thing you should do is ask some honest  questions like am  I truly drama free or do I practice peace […]