majic johnson

Majic Johnson has publicly forgiving Donald Sterling. It’s been close to a year since Sterling went on his racist rant.  When TMZ asked   Johnson how he felt about Sterling’s rant he said he doesn’t hold grudges. Click Here To Find out more info.  

Magic Johnson is an extremely wealthy man, but President Barack Obama will receive his vote, not Mitt Romney. Listen to Magic Johnson explain why he’s willing to pay higher taxes under an Obama Administration, and why President Obama will have a great second term, if reelected. in this interview.   RELATED STORIES: Majic Johnson, Sean […]

We need a TV revolution and it seems like Magic Johnson is trying to bring it to us. When most of the black programs on tv are reality shows that degrade us as a people by constant petty bickering, slutty behavior and down right ignorance, it’s obvious that we have a problem that needs addressing. […]

Magic Working at the Marq-E Entertainment Center: A multimillion dollar investment in Houston by an NBA legend has transformed a neglected property and revitalized a neighborhood. Five years ago, former Los Angeles Laker Earvin Magic Johnson and his business partner purchased the Marq*E Entertainment Center. Tuesday, Johnson toured the property to see how it […]

As AM 1200 WCHB reported yesterday, Magic Johnson planned to make an announcement in Detroit that he teased on his twitter that would create jobs for his home state of Michigan.

Michelle Obama At Wayne State Detroit, MI May 2010 Wayne State University’s Tom Adams Field was packed Wednesday morning to hear first lady’s speech on mentoring and the future of Detroit: the youth. Obama pushed those in the audience, including more then 5,000 Detroit Public Schools students, to focus on their studies and make a […]