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We need a TV revolution and it seems like Magic Johnson is trying to bring it to us. When most of the black programs on tv are reality shows that degrade us as a people by constant petty bickering, slutty behavior and down right ignorance, it’s obvious that we have a problem that needs addressing.

With a short list of affluent black folks coming out with new television networks, I’m a little concerned with what we’ll see on them. Diddy’s REVOLT will be more of a music network for the new artist. Hmm, we’ve all seen how Diddy handles new artists, so…

I’m sure Tyler Perry’s will house a lot more of his family-friendly, lesson-laced, possible Madea-appearing comedy series. But what will Magic Johnson’s Aspire bring to the table?

Magic’s channel is the answer to most of our prayers. It will target black viewers with positive, uplifting images of African Americans. In an interview with the L.A. Times, Magic explained that Aspire’s mix will include film, TV, music and comedy, with a combination of acquired projects and original programming. “There will some performing arts and shows about faith,” he said. The channel is slated to launch on June 30th.

Whether we realize it or not, Magic’s got a Midas Touch. His business resume is long and boasts fitness centers, restaurants and other business ventures like a large charitable foundation and a multimillion-dollar investment making him the chairman of Vibe Holdings–the New York parent company of Vibe magazine and the “Soul Train” dance series.  Aspire’s going to do just fine and here’s three reasons why we need Magic Johnson’s channel.

1. Chick Fights

We need less fights and more love. Between “Basketball Wives,” “Housewives of Atlanta” and “Bad Girls Club,” my head spins with all the vicious insults and sinister slaps. It would be more than refreshing to see black women get along on tv. It’s almost a foreign concept.

2. Black Actors Need Jobs Too

The talent is there, but the roles aren’t. Tyler Perry can only do so much. Aspire will not only allow black actors and actresses to have more lines on their resume, he’s also creating jobs for writers, directors, producers and all the other people of color with talent in entertainment that need to use their skills.

3. Behind The Scenes

I know most of you remember Magic’s talk show from the 90′s–”The Magic Hour.” Even though the show suffered through low ratings and insulting reviews, Magic’s still all about trying his hand at television. This time, it will be from behind the camera. He may pop up on Aspire from time to time, but not to worry, he won’t give us another show!

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