I have a friend who’s wife is overweight because of that she is very insecure. Click here to read My Wife is Insecure What Can I Do to Make Our Marriage Work Answer The Poll

1. Making your spouse feel expendable is unhealthy for  relationship . I cant imagine my wife telling me I don’t need you that would make me fill so small.    Click here for the other 2 Personal beliefs  

Have you ever said something to your spouse that you wish you could have taken back? I know I have but I love something that my pastor told us in our marriage class he said your wife is your partner not your opponent, that was a big turning point in my life because sometimes I […]

Being a Brat I know you don’t want to here this and it’s easier said than done. Your first reaction when you are upset may be the “Operation Silent Treatment”. Have you ever did this …you make me mad, I’m shutting down have you gotten better? It’s perfectly fine to take a moment to get […]

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I don’t think any women should stay in a  abusive marriage that is not what this article l is talking about. Read More

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The first thing I would say is prayer but let’s take a look at what the huffingtonpost is offering.

I like to add prayer with your kids and I hope this never has to happen but incase it does her are some steps  click here

I would like to add prayer  #Always but click here to see what the Huffington post had to say.