SZA had major success with her debut album, CTRL, however the singer has revealed that her upcoming album will be her last. During her recent interview with Flaunt magazine, SZA said, “I’m still miserable. My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage. I’m making the best […]


Beyonce and Jay-Z are reportedly releasing a joint album.  An Italian newspaper reported Wednesday that the power couple will announce a collaborative project sometime next week.   Jay-Z said in an interview late last year that he and Beyonce have “started making music together.”  Fans reportedly speculate that if the two do release a joint album, […]

The People’s Station ~ Majic 102.1 gave you “Permission” to chill with Ro James this past Memorial Day Weekend. Look below to view some Moments of Majic captured during his Meet & Greet events at Radio One Studios and Serious Sounds Etc.  I must say that his demeanor, personality, and music are all very grounded […]

The “BeyHive” ascended on Houston, at the NRG Stadium on May 7th, 2016 for the Formation World Tour starring our own Beyoncé.  This sold-out event played host to the livest Beyoncé and DJ Khaled fanatics alive.  Our entire Radio One family swarmed NRG Stadium with the energetic and “bootylicious” “BeyHive”.  Check out some of the Moments of […]

From TMZ, Chris Brown learned a lesson this week … what it must have been like travelling across the country by stagecoach … because four days into his journey he is still not in Washington D.C. TMZ broke the story … Brown was taken from his L.A. County jail cell Thursday by U.S. Marshals for […]

Rise your glass!  Here’s another interesting story from FOX News, It’s flu season, and a new study finds alcohol may give the immune system a boost. To find this, researchers divided 12 rhesus macaques monkeys trained to drink alcohol into two groups. All monkeys got a smallpox vaccination, but one group had access to alcohol […]

Jill Scott and her adorable son, Jett, is on the cover of the May 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine.  Jill opened up about being a single mother, saying, “That I-can-do-it-by-myself mentality is a lie. I’m sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings, but you cannot do it all by yourself. You need a village: some aunties, grandmoms, friends. […]

from Asthma is the most common long-term disease of children, but adults have asthma, too. Asthma causes repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing. If you have asthma, you have it all the time, but you will have asthma attacks only when something bothers your lungs. You can […]