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Rise your glass!  Here’s another interesting story from FOX News,

It’s flu season, and a new study finds alcohol may give the immune system a boost. To find this, researchers divided 12 rhesus macaques monkeys trained to drink alcohol into two groups. All monkeys got a smallpox vaccination, but one group had access to alcohol and one had access to sugar water. Seven months later the monkeys got a second vaccination. Researchers found that heavy-drinking monkeys had a diminished vaccine reponse compared to those who didn’t drink at all, and that the moderate drinkers had enhanced vaccine responses compared to the control group. Researchers say there’s no proof human immune systems would react exactly the same way, but that these types of monkey have a similar immune system to humans. (Fox)

It makes sense.  We drink a “hot tottie” when we’re sick.  So, I can see how this possible.