Truth be told she slayed as Kamala Harris in the few skits she made as the Democratic senator and now that Harris is going to be making the campaign rounds you can expect Rudolph to give everyone a weekly dose of Kamala comedy.

Plus, a video of a white man yelling racial slurs at a Black Chicago woman goes viral and Maya Rudolph gives us life with her Oprah-Weight Watchers impression.

If you close your eyes, you truly hear D'Angelo embody Prince in his rendition of "Sometimes It Snows In April".

D’Angelo fans already know — he is not only a fan of the Prince, but has covered several of his songs. So it was only…


The spoof we’ve all been waiting for! There was no doubt “Saturday Night Live” wouldn’t waste any time taking on the now infamous Jay Z…

I love me some old school TV shows and this was one of my favorite ,this   interview is from the website the Grio and Tichina Arnold says: “Martin called and was like ‘how can we put it together?’ I think it kind of just fell [by] the wayside,” Arnold said. “I think everything happens […]

Maya Rudolph, one of our favorite “Saturday Night Live” veterans is starring in her own variety special titled “The Maya Rudolph Show.” The comedy special, scheduled to air on May 19 at 10 p.m.. By, Myeisha Essex, Read more: