How’s that for a little history? When South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe during last night’s Miss Universe pageant, she added to a unique kind of pageant history. For the first time ever, four of the top pageants titles in the world all belong to black women. Tunzi joins 2019 Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, 2019 […]

Last night, North Carolina’s Chelsie Kryst made history when she was announced as Miss USA. Not only was she the latest Black woman to wear the crown, she helped pull off a historic trifecta. For the first time ever, three Black women are currently wearing crowns as the 2019 Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss […]

Vanessa Williams returns to the Miss America pageant as the head judge after being forced to step away from her crown in 1984.

You can’t save Vanessa Williams is affair to try it again! The ‘Ugly Betty’ star announced the other day while she was appearing on ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ after blinding the host with her sparkly engagement ring. Vanessa will be marrying her boyfriend Jim Skrip, who she met early last year. According to Vanessa it […]

After Davuluri received her crown, hateful tweets came from everywhere  in reaction to Davuluri’s Indian-American heritage. It seems like people will find anything to hate on we need more love folks @DallasRobinson8 I am literarily soo mad right now a ARAB👳 won Only reason she won is bc her people said they would lower gas […]

Vanessa Williams has accomplished a lot in her three-decade career. The former Miss America released 8 CD’s, including one that went triple platinum and starred…

Check out the new Miss America. The 22-year-old from Miss Va. to Miss America.