If you are an entrepreneur, or you aspire to succeed in any other arena, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions of others. Like the wind, opinions change.  And like the weather, opinions change very often. To realize success at any endeavor, you must stay on track, no matter what it takes!  […]

Change is Constant There is nothing in life more certain than change. Just reflect for a moment on how things were only five or 10 years ago and you will realize in a very short time that our daily life is quite different.  A look back a little further, and we have a long list […]

Demarjay Smith drops some serious knowledge on getting ahead in life and what it takes to make your dreams come true.

From the time I was a child to this very day, there have been numerous things that I’ve expressed a desire to accomplish and naysayers would shout: “You can’t do everything!” Or, “you can’t do that.” Usually, it was said by someone who did not know me well.  As a child, my family members and […]

P. Diddy did a series of motivational Instagram videos encouraging his fans to do it big in 2015. You can watch the NSFW video above.  S/O to iGotTheDirt for the YouTube video.

Name: Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks Title: Motivational Success Strategist Education: MBA, Harvard University Honorary Doctorate, Public Service & Humane Letters, University of Maryland Eastern…