The Jasmine Brand has reported that,  Tamron Hall has partnered up with Weinstein Television for a talk show that will cover a combination of “current events, human-interest stories and in-depth celebrity and newsmaker interviews.” Harvey Weinstein said in a statement, “I’ve been working towards developing a talk show for a long time, but needed to make sure I did […]

Here's how to land on your feet after you bite the bullet & move.

I would never encourage anyone to quit their job. That’s a decision is solely up to the individual who hates their current job. I would say however, that if you’re thinking about quitting, don’t do so unless you have another one lined up. Click here to see 15 signs it might be time to move […]

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*As we reported earlier, Rev. Al Sharpton has been named the permanent host of MSNBC’s 6pm (Eastern) newscast. However, as the Daily Beast points out, his new job hosting “PoliticsNation” has been called affirmative action and a slap against black journalists.