Comedian Luenell recently posed nude for Penthouse magazine and she talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her decision to bare it all for the iconic adult magazine. “I already had a relationship with Penthouse where I directed a photoshoot from them and I guess out of the side of my mouth, I […]

Nude. Flesh-tone. For decades, when these words were used, it was often to describe a peachy tan – not the multiple variations of skin color that exist among humans. In spite of the Black personal care industry being a $700B one, advertising dollars are, overall, disproportionately spent on White consumers. With African-Americans watching more television […]


An all too common complaint women have about “nude” underwear is its obvious fail as a one color fits all. It’s not just an issue for women of color but can prove problematic for caucasian women. However, popular UK lingerie line, Nubian Skin is aiming to fix this. Last fall the company launched in order to provide more […]

Did you have to take a second look tell the truth and shame the This reminds me of the time Serena Williams wore brown bottoms under her tennis uniform the world just new she was nude. Click here to read New Lingerie Line for Black Women Of All Shades   

Jill Scott went on Twitter yesterday to let the hater have it.  She responded to all the hate she was receiving about her semi-nude photo that got leaked by hackers.  Peep what she said below. Tell’em, Jill!!

I knew I would get you with this but no Galveston is not thinking about a nude beach but as you travel this summer you might encounter one. From what I hear they said it’s like any other beach with , dogs off leash, smoking, loud music, people hogging prime areas for volleyball, Frisbee and […]

Health and wellness seems to be all the buzz now with the fun-interactive work-outs, celebs sharing pics of their work out sessions, fashion- froward work out attire, segments on our favorite day-time talk shows dedicated to fitness all show us this movement is strong and is going to be around for some time. Where are […]

Wendy Williams would rather go completely naked than wear fur. The talk diva — and former fur lover has posed for PETA’s new “I’d Rather Go Naked” ad. She said about being a new spokesperson for PETA, “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs.” Wendy will […]

There are certain things that men should never do naked. Shooting pool should be somewhere near the top of that list, too many accidents can happen. This lesson was not lost on Prince Harry as he was caught with his pants down, er, confiscated after a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas this past […]

News is that a sex tape featuring the popular 90’s male supermodel is being shopped around the adult entertainment community, according to TMZ.

Joseph Farley has made national headlines for his now infamous unicycle ride in the nude. Farley, who is from Kemah was arrested on Wednesday on…