We Can All Succeed After doing my “Sunday Morning Live” program this week, I reflected on some of the dialogue with my call-in guests. I concluded that far too many people believe that there is a limited number of opportunities to succeed in life. They believe that abundance and wealth are limited, also. Even worse, […]

Take advantage of every opportunity;  where there is none,  make it for yourself. —Marcus Garvey On this day,  I will take five minutes to think about something  I would like for my sons that seems out of reach.  I will then brainstorm,  perhaps with friends, to come up with ways I might do it. Read […]

God’s favor is better than any “opportunity” man can give you!

God’s favor is better than any “opportunity” man  can give you!

Childhood experiences, such as having quality playtime or being allowed to try new and different things without the fear of being told we’re wrong or stupid give us permission to be creative and take risks as adults. –Julia A. Boyd                                                  On this day,  I pledge to allow my sons opportunities to experiment, to stumble, to […]

We have to begin telling children the truth, which is that dignity and survival have been possible for blacks in the worst of times, which they are not today unless you let them be. –Anthony Walton On this day, I will take five minutes to talk to my sons about the opportunities they can create […]

Affirmative action begin at home.  -Detroit barber On this day, I will take five minutes whether I am exhausting every opportunity to secure opportunities that will permit my sons to stretch to their potential and get in touch with what life has to offer. Read more…