The late Robin Williams family are at odds with each over how to split the actor’s estate after meeting with a mediator. According to court records the actor’s widow, Susan Williams, and his three children remain split over how much cash the widow should receive. The two sides have settled most of the differences  over […]

The late Robin Williams’ children and wife have gone to court in a fight over the comedian’s estate. In papers filed in December in San Francisco Superior Court, Williams’ wife, Susan, accuses the comedian’s children from two previous marriages of taking items without her permission and asks the courts to exclude the contents of the […]

Former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson battled drug addiction for a long time, well in a recent interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ Mike reviewed he and Robin Williams battled drug addiction together, and became good friends over the fact they bought drugs from the same ‘lowlife dealer.’ Tyson said he would go to meeting with […]

Eddie Murphy hasn’t been on the big screen in a major film since 2011’s Tower Heist. Well he’s returning with the New Orleans-set dramedy, Cook. Murphy has been off the scene taking a break from the entertainment industry, but being a big box office favorite, can he afford to do that. Eddie is taking over […]