Videos released showing police officer threatening unarmed black people are nothing new. Unfortunately most of us have become desensitized to that news, much like our reactions to mass shootings. Once something starts to happen all the time, well, it just doesn’t have the same shock value. But sometimes video captures something so disgusting that it’s […]

It's been seven years since Bengie Lynn Tyson was last seen in Billings, Montana driving a blue 1999 Chevrolet Silverado truck that is also still missing.

Boys who go to neighborhood barbershops in the Mobile and Pritchard, Alabama area are getting more than a haircut. They’re also discovering books they can relate to, with characters that look like them.

The pilot of an American Airlines plane died during a flight from Phoenix to Boston. The flight held 147 passenger with five crew members on board. As the pilot became ill, the plane was diverted to Syracuse, New York. Thankfully, the co-pilot was able to land the plane safely. Officials are reporting the cause of […]


If you’re like many who have to work today just click the link and get live Super Bowl coverage.  Click here for SUPER BOWL XLIX live.

Lists hurt. They shouldn’t and they didn’t use to.  There was a time when lists were all about fun things. The Best Place to get…

At least 6 people hurt in a office shooting that happened in Phoenix, AZ.  Read the full story here.

According to CNN, the 2nd winning ticket holder of Arizona’s record Powerball jackpot has made himself know to officials, but not to the public as yet.  The  tickett, from last month’s record jackpot, is worth $192 million before taxes, according to officials from  the Arizona Lottery. has the complete story.  Read more: