The five 2016 National Student Poet winners presented their work at the White House. Their readings moved First Lady Michelle Obama to tears.

We're so grateful and inspired by "The Color Purple" author. Thank you.

What may not have been a traditional graduation speech has now captured the heart and souls of many.

While most high school seniors live for the last few weeks of school that include prom, bittersweet goodbyes and graduation, one student won't be able to walk down memory lane.

Singer Estelle will appear on the August 13th episode of Lexus Verses & Flow, airing Thursday nights on TV One.  Lexus is giving away $100,000 in…

What does the “Average Black Girl” look like to you? Does she look like the Olivia Pope’s on television reciting lines? Maybe the Michelle Obamas of the world? Or perhaps the average black girl looks like those we honor and remember during [Black History Month] like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman’s? Ernestine Johnson recites her experiences as an […]


I never thought seeing three teenage girls perform a poem, could be so impactful. But an “impact” is just what Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen, members of the Get Lit organization are trying to accomplish with their passionate and thought provoking poetic piece – “Somewhere in America“ Watch as these three young members perform “Somewhere in […]

It’s been some months since the immensely talented Maya Angelou’s death, however, that hasn’t stopped her powerful legacy from living on. Angelou has an album on the shelves…

Dana Jackson talks to poet and actor, Joe P, about his recent appearance on Lexus “Verses and Flow”.  He was one of the seconds poet to make it on the show Houston. Poet Se7en was the first.   Joe talks about the experience at “Verses and Flow” and the underground poetry scene in H-Town.  Check out […]

The fourth season of TV One’s “Verses And Flow” premieres tonight (August 16) and the program is sure to leave you snapping from your living room!  Presented by Lexus…

If you have a child you MUST watch this video. Some how this poet has managed to put the words of so many lonely, lost and confused in an eloquent 5 minute performance that will rock you to the core with the truths he spits. This is a must see and share!

I’ve known Ajali for some time, although I feel like we’ve just met. I’ve only seen her “Clark Kent” persona and foolishly thought she was who she appeared to be at work. Upon hearing her spit for the first time, I realized that Ajali the poet was her true persona. Ajali is a poet, more […]