During Friday's edition on NewsOne Now, Jerrold Winter, Ph.D, Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of New York at Buffalo spoke with Roland Martin about pain management, opioid dependence and the true meaning of addition.

1. “I believe in you.” 2. “I am here if you need to talk.” I also like for my wife to tell me that she is praying for me. Click here for More and feel free to add.

If you think the cost of your prescription drugs are the same across the board regardless of pharmacy, think again. A new Consumer Reports study reveals price comparisons can actually save you hundreds on prescription medications. With data gathered from over 200 pharmacies, the magazine found costs for five popular drugs varied as much as […]

Schools across the state will add random drug testing and increased locker inspections to this year’s schedule, raising questions about whether such practices violate civil rights. At least three school districts in the Houston area and dozens more across Texas will begin random drug testing, spurred in part by a recent Supreme Court ruling upholding […]

A lawyer for the doctor who was treating Michael Jackson at the time of his death said Thursday that the doctor planned to surrender to face charges.

About one in four soldiers admit abusing prescription drugs, most of them pain relievers, in a one-year period, according to a Pentagon...