Prince, oldest son of Michael Jackson has been spending a good deal of time with Justin Bieber and the duo has been recording music together according to sources. In February Prince, will turn 18 is one of three heirs to his father’s $1 billion fortune. According to Page Six, the older Jackson lives in Calabasas, […]

Prince, son of Michael Jackson is about to turn 18 in February, and according to sources, his family is dreading the day he becomes of age to handle his own money. Prince is still dependent on the allowance from his late father’s estate, which remains controlled by a trust that will begin giving out money […]

Parents give their children an allowance to teach them the value of work and money management. The average allowance for a teenager in America varies by age and economic status. But what if you were the children of a wealthy celebrity like, say…Michael Jackson? Prince (17), Paris (16) and Blanket (12) could be poster children […]


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TJ Jackson, 34, son of Tito Jackson is in a Los Angeles court seeking temporary custody of cousins Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson in the absence of their grandmother Katherine Jackson. TJ is the closest to Paris, Prince and Blanket and as often times assisted in parenting the three children. He is using the evidence […]