(HOUSTON) — Exactly how smart are our smartphones? It seems that they know more about us than we know about ourselves. If you have Google…

Do you have a Gmail account?  Well, don’t expect privacy from Google.  According to CBS: Google says gmail users should not expect to have their e-mail kept private. The admission comes as google fights a class-action data-mining lawsuit. In a motion filed in June, Google says, “Just as a sender of a letter to a […]

Men have been known to peg women as a complicated species, claiming that women are hard to understand. Built with a complexity of emotions too difficult at times to sort through. In my own experience, I have dated at length a gentleman who is in all ways nonchalant, passive, easy-going and relaxed. UNTIL… dun dun […]

If you have ever been concerned about your privacy you need to read this post. Your cell phone could be telling more than you know.  CNN.com has the story.  Read More:

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In January, the world met a gadget called the iPad. In late December, federal regulators implemented groundbreaking rules for how the internet works.  Read More:

FROM SHINE.COM: Our kids live in a culture of sharing that has forever changed the concept of privacy. In a world where everyone is connected and anything created can get copied, pasted, and sent to thousands of people in a heartbeat, privacy starts to mean something different than simply guarding personal or private information. Each […]

A 16-year-old Arkansas boy is suing his mother, accusing her of slandering him on his facebook page. The teen claims his mother posted slanderous remarks about him on the site. His mom, Denise New said she was just keeping an eye on her son’s online activity. In court documents, he alleges she hacked into his […]

(CNET) — It’s been a long time since it got in the way of the World Series, but the threat of seismic tumult still hangs over Silicon Valley. When earthquakes elsewhere in the world dominate the news, people get a little more sensitive to their own vulnerability in the Bay Area. The ground might really […]