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Men have been known to peg women as a complicated species, claiming that women are hard to understand. Built with a complexity of emotions too difficult at times to sort through.

In my own experience, I have dated at length a gentleman who is in all ways nonchalant, passive, easy-going and relaxed. UNTIL… dun dun duunnnnn the unthinkable happened!

We were conversing and the topic of Facebook came up. He causally requests to see my Facebook profile which I willingly allowed him to look through. We collectively laughed at pitiful messages in my inbox of dating hopefuls and poked fun at the quantity of strange, creeper looking male- friend requests. A complete once over through my entire profile even including pictures and accompanying explanations of unfamiliar faces and messages. All of which were harmless.

Next, of course came to my mind to request “Boo boo, lets look at yours!” The nonchalant, passive guy in him immediately disappeared and what followed was a BIG, FAT NO!

“Why not”, I asked?

“You didn’t have to let me see yours”, he said. “That was your choice”.

Utterly confused at this point I began to question his necessity for privacy as well as this very strange feeling of separation.

“Here! “he says reluctantly, go through it if you want.

So, I did what any self-respecting woman would do and I looked. Not out of any suspicion just curious to learn about him. Nothing came of the quote un-qoute inspection there was nothing there but pictures of family and messages from siblings. Harmless.

So again, I ponder the question, what is the great necessity for privacy at least in this sense?

Both parties were left feeling upset that we’d even disagree over something as insignificant as a social media site. But it stands to reason that there was something odd in that whole exchange.

So, guys WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?! What makes you so touchy about sharing things with your girlfriend, spouse, partner, whatever..?

Women are complicated, yes maybe so. But the same can be said about y’all too.

Give me your thoughts.. what do you think this all meant? Help me out. There’s more to come.