Roseanne Barr is claiming that she has been labeled a racist because she voted for President Donald Trump. After canceling a TV interview she’d been teasing recently, she told her fans that she would instead speak out on her YouTube channel where she could explain herself without contending with anyone else’s agenda. On Friday, the 65-year-old addressed her firing from the […]


Bossip has reported that an Italian brand of nail polish called Wycon Cosmetics is under fire over a racist nail polish shade.  Affinity Magazine posted a screenshot on Twitter of the company’s website, which displayed a black polish called “Thick as a N****.” The publication captioned the tweet, “Italy beauty brand @wyconcosmetics is facing backlash after naming their black […]

Anger over a miniature display of a White cop pointing a gun at Black people prompted Trainfest organizers to change its policy.

In a new interview, Dear White People director Justin Simien and actress Logan Browning explain why it’s impossible for black people to be racist. Logan explains, Black people can’t be racist. Black people can be prejudice, they can be biased but they can’t be racist. Racism is the oppression of a marginalized group in a […]

Mary J. Blige is not a huge fan of Donald Trump, but she hopes his presidency brings people together. She told The Huffington Post, “I just really can’t support this, it is what it is. He speaks about women viciously and he’s just…racist. It makes me emotional, I haven’t been this emotional all day.” She continued, “My hopes […]

Students at FGCU are reeling after "Kill N******," coupled with an image of a man hanging from a tree, was left on a campus whiteboard.

Mia Frias-Russell livestreamed her reaction to the vandalism on Facebook. The video has been viewed over five million times.

According to the description of the video, the pint-sized racist troll went on a tirade after he was unable to secure a seat on the train.

Knollenberg said he didn't intend to offend anyone with his comments. He also suggested he wasn't racist because he had a Black employee.


A Black protester at a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Ala. was allegedly assaulted after the GOP presidential hopeful ordered supporters to remove him from the event.

For over a year, the KKK and Anonymous have exchanged blows online. The first unhooding by the collective was last year during the Ferguson unrest.

Kelly Osbourne is apologizing for statements she made aimed at Donald Trump and his outlandish comments regarding the Latino community.